//[5 Shocking Benefits] of Soy Candles You Never Thought Of Before

[5 Shocking Benefits] of Soy Candles You Never Thought Of Before

Believe it or not but the majority of the candle products sold in the market are actually made out toxic products like Petroleum (Yup the same substance that you pour in your car for gas!). Now if you have these types of candles at your home, take a minute to realize that the moment you light one up, you are instantly releasing a wave of carcinogens and pollutants to the very air that you and your loved ones breathe every day!

The good news is there are healthy and convenient options available and one of them is organic soy candles. These candles feature a wide array of stunning styles and designs coupled with an almost never-ending choice of therapeutic aromas. If you like what your hearing so far, then check out these 5 benefits of soy candles that will surely want you to try them for size.

1) Organic soy candles are renewable

Today, petroleum has become an extremely scarce resource as we continue to rely on the finite resource for fuel and energy. While many countries and industries are slowly shifting to green energy and renewables in recent years, Petroleum still remains the primary source of fuel in many parts of the world including the US, creating an all-time high in demand and price for fossil fuels.

Organic soy candles are composed of all natural ingredients with zero Petroleum products making it completely renewable and sustainable for use.

2) Organic soy candles are healthy products

There are many great benefits of soy candles on the skin and human health in general and a lot of this has to do with its all natural composition and independence from the use of Petroleum. Every time you light a candle that is manufactured with fossil fuels, you are contributing to the already worsening ambient air pollution that has become the major cause of millions of death and disease globally.

Organic soy candles do not emit any carcinogens, toxic chemicals, and other harmful substances that cause heart ailments, strokes, pulmonary diseases, lung cancers, and respiratory diseases, making them viable for everyday use.

3) Organic soy candles help save the environment

The numerous benefits of soy candles also extend to the environment as the products help stop Petroleum companies from destroying the environment with their relentless pursuit of fossil fuels. While simple Petroleum candles do not appear as harmful to mother earth compared to gas cars and diesel powered plants, they are still a destructive force if millions of consumers continue to advocate their use. Fossil fuel mining is devastating to the ecology and the damage it creates is often irreversible.

Natural soy candles

4) Organic Soy Candles Boost the local economy

Natural soy candles generate money for the local economy without putting the ecology at risk. Manufacturers often use domestically produced soy for their organic candle products which means jobs and money will remain at home.

5) Organic Soy Candles are easy to clean

Wax spills from regular petroleum made candles often leave mess and stains that can become a bane to anyone’s existence. And when the candle’s waxy magma drips into your floor, carpet, or furnishing, oil blemishes often linger long before you have painstakingly removed those hardened candle spills.

With organic soy candles, on the other hand, you won’t break any sweat dealing with any melted residue – you can easily wipe them away with water and soap!

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