//[Are Soy Candles Safe]? Why Should You Buy Organic Soy Candles?

[Are Soy Candles Safe]? Why Should You Buy Organic Soy Candles?

As consumers become more and more aware of the harmful ingredients in many household items, another common item to consider is your candles. The next time you go to buy a candle, be sure to choose an organic soy candle to get the benefits of a better smelling home without the toxic scent. If you’re wondering where to buy soy candles, Simplistic Candle Shoppe sells a variety of great scents right on their website.

Organic soy candles are a safe alternative to the traditional paraffin wax candles that are commonly found at popular shops. Avoid the pollutants and enjoy the same great

Here are the benefits of soy candles:

They’re natural

The soybean, a natural source, is what makes an organic soy candle. The traditional paraffin wax candles are created from petroleum, which is toxic to consumers and known to be carcinogenic. The chemicals are released into the air when you burn them, so it’s best to choose a soy candle where you won’t be inhaling carcinogenic scents. Paraffin wax can cause harm to your heart, your circulatory system, your lungs, and your nervous system.

They last longer

Soy candles burn for a longer time than the traditional paraffin wax candles, even at the same size. While they may be slightly more expensive up front, the soybean wax has a slower burning time and a cooler burning temperature. You won’t need to purchase another candle for a longer period of time when you choose a soy candle.

They burn cleaner

Paraffin wax candles burn and release more soot than soy wax candles do. The soot can get onto items in your home and is toxic. Soy candles will release a much smaller amount of soot that will stay within the jar and not on your personal belongings. If you’re concerned about staining and a messy candle experience, choosing a soy candle can help you to avoid those problems.

They smell better

Organic soy candles are usually scented with essential oils. The slow-burning allow this scent to be more gradually released with a steady, natural scent. The essential oils are therapeutic and pleasant, while paraffin wax utilizes a less natural fragrance process that can be quite overwhelming when burning.

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They’re better for the environment

Soy candles are biodegradable which makes them safer for the environment. They also don’t emit carcinogenic substances from the petroleum, similar to the way that a car does. Paraffin wax candles are an environmental concern that can be avoided by purchasing a cleaner, safer, soy candle.

Choosing an organic soy candle can keep your personal environment cleaner while keeping you and your family safer. Protecting yourself from the harmful ingredients of traditional candles while keeping your home smelling great is key. Simplistic Candle Shoppe is happy to provide great essential products for the conscious consumer that’s looking for quality organic options at an affordable price. Healthy living from the inside out is our top priority.

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