//Do Gummy Vitamins Actually Help Your Hair Grow? [Guide]

Do Gummy Vitamins Actually Help Your Hair Grow? [Guide]

If you keep tabs on celebrities and their daily goings-on, you’ve probably seen an Instagram post or two that are touting the wonders of hair vitamin gummies. Instagrammers and celebrities aren’t the only ones raving about it, though. Even YouTube vlogs and personal blogs have featured a hair gummies review or two, especially if they’re geared towards health, beauty, and fashion. But the big question is do they really work?

The answer is far more complicated than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Hair vitamins have long been touted as an excellent way to increase hair growth. It has even become a regular ‘regimen’ for people who endeavor to grow their hair longer than average. Rave reviews of hair growth vitamins, especially hair vitamin gummies, can be found online in droves, primarily because they’re the sort of vitamins that you can consume like candy. But, chances are, you actually might not even need them.

The Hard Facts about Hair Growth

If you’re concerned about maintaining your lovely locks of hair, consuming vitamin hair gummies won’t guarantee you Rapunzel-like tresses. They may act as a corrective or supplementary agent to stunted hair growth or scalp problems, but they cost more than they’re actually worth. Here’s why:

Diet is everything – your hair is comprised of a protein called keratin, along with trace minerals like selenium and B-vitamins. If you’re on a well-balanced diet centered on whole, unrefined foodstuffs, chances are you won’t even need hair vitamins, and taking them might even be detrimental to your health in the long run. However, if you’re suffering from malnutrition or have problems absorbing bioavailable protein for whatever reason, the extra vitamin and mineral boost from a hair vitamin can’t hurt.

Diet is everything

Check your shampoo – so you’ve got an okay diet, and you’re taking hair vitamins or a supplementary biotin tablet just to give your hair the added growth boost, but sort of shampoo do you use? A lot of people are unaware that their choice of shampoo is actually doing their hair more harm than good. Sure, keratin is technically ‘dead protein’ but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be damaged.

Regular grocery – store shampoos contain harsh surfactants that can strip the keratin of moisture and cause it to become brittle. Hair vitamins have no way to fix this, unfortunately. Switching to sulfate and paraben-free shampoos, or to natural shampoo alternatives, however, do.

Your comb is the culprit – no matter how much hair growth vitamins you take, if you’re still experiencing extreme shedding, hair-breakage, or hair fall, chances are your comb might be the problem. Hair vitamins will not make your hair growth cycle change, but bad combs like the ones made of metal or plastic can agitate or pull at your follicles, causing unnecessary hair-fall. Seamless combs made from horn, wood, or natural bone are better choices for your hair.

Overall, taking a hair vitamin as a supplement to your hair-growth regimen isn’t bad for you, but since is on the fence about its effectiveness. Anyone who can maintain a healthy and wholesome diet, invest in sulfate and paraben-free shampoos or make the switch to organic shampooing methods, and who can buy a wooden comb or two should be all set in their hair journey, without having to spend additional money on vitamins that aren’t really all that necessary.

So contrary to the hair gummies review on Instagram – no, they are not a magic hair-grower pill – but they aren’t bad for you either. They’re yummy, they’re gummy, and they’re convenient, so use hair vitamins if you must, but don’t stake your hair health on them!

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